Get out your cauldron and magical potions – things are about to get witchy in here!

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Below are 7 ambience videos that will get you in a spooky or magical mood. These ASMR-type videos are great to have on in the background while you’re relaxing or working. They are non-distracting audios with beautiful graphics that you can zone out to.

Ambience videos combine calming sounds with peaceful scenery to evoke relaxation through an immersive experience.

Enjoy a variety of videos with sounds of rain, purring cats, spooky wind, bubbling cauldrons, and crackling fires. Some spooky, some whimsical – whatever you fancy! One video even has the classic Dracula movie playing in the background!

Happy Halloween!

Witchy Coffee Shop

Primary sounds: Coffee shop sounds, pages turning, bubbling

Witch’s House in the Autumn Forest

Primary sounds: Bumbling creek, birds chirping, crackling fire

Autumn Witch’s Kitchen

Primary sounds: Heavy rain, bubbling cauldron, fire, pages turning

Witch’s Room

Primary sounds: Potions, cat purring, fireplace, neon light

Cozy Halloween Party

Primary sounds: Dracula movie in background, fireplace, wind, cat

Witch’s Cottage Day to Night

Primary sounds: piano Music, leaves rustling, Swing, cat, wind chime

Witch’s Windowsill

Primary sounds: Humming, cat, clock, chimes, fireplace

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