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We’re living in a stressful time and our days seem to fill up with obligation after obligation. Take a break and show yourself some self-care. There’s nothing cozier than sitting in a comfy chair, wrapped in a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa. It’ll get even cozier when you listen to an autumn ambience video. These ASMR-type videos are perfect to have on in the background.

Here are some benefits of listening to ambience videos:

+ Creates a warm and cozy environment that relaxes you.
+ Helps you focus while you’re working on a project.
+ White noise while meditating or falling asleep.
+ Gets you in the mood for a chilly autumn day.

Grab your blanket and your headphones – let’s get cozy!

Writer’s Retreat

Primary sounds: Lake waves, writing, leaves, cat purring

Friends’ Cafe

Primary sounds: Jazz music, rain, coffee shop sounds

Morning Cabin

Primary sounds: Birds chirping and singing, wind

Lake House

Primary sounds: Crackling fire, owl, crunchy leaves, waves

Autumn Village

Primary sounds: Wind, horses, rooster, leaves, bells, chatter

Rainy Bookshop

Primary sounds: Jazz music, rain, chatter, coffee sounds

Cozy Nook

Primary sounds: Gentle rain, fireplace, wind

Which one is your favorite??

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