Want to learn how to manifest anything you want?

It’s as simple as this: Write an affirmation in present tense 55 times in a row, 5 days in a row. 

It is key to write in the PRESENT TENSE. As if you already have what you want.

It’s also key to hand-write these affirmations on paper and not use a computer. There is more intention (and magic) with using your hand. By typing, it’s easier to get distracted and it just doesn’t have the same oomph, if ya know what I mean.

With your affirmation, aim high! Ask for anything! By writing these statements down so many times in a row, you are re-programming your subconscious mind. Then you will begin taking action steps toward making this affirmation come true!

Some examples of what you can write:
+ Thank you for the $500 this week.
+ I am grateful for my new shoes.
+ I have a kind and supportive boyfriend.
+ I am blessed to be promoted.

My personal example (this website is proof that it works!):

I’ve always been wanting to create Realidreamers to help people discover their magic within. I was just struggling with starting. I didn’t even know where to begin… Thanks to this method, I was instantly motivated to build this website, create a YouTube channel, and gain clarity on my vision! Wahoo!

Check out the YouTube video below (my very first video!) to see how the 55×5 Method worked for me.

What will YOU manifest??

p.s. If writing something down 55 times seems a bit too much, you can certainly switch to the 33×3 method. Same practice, just a little less time.

+ YouTube ‘Magic Hack’: Watch videos at 1.5x playback speed so you can process the content quicker, therefore have more time for yourself!

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